Furniture Re-manufactured Service Provider in Aurora, Illinois USA

RSI provides a complete range of office and office furniture services. We are the most respected name in new, used and remanufactured office furniture.

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Remanufacturing Panels Systems

When you need quality remanufacturing panels systems, RSI is the right choice for you. We offer a selection of remanufactured panel systems in stock to provide our clients with workstations that look new and are easy to afford. We use sustainable materials and processes for remanufacturing.


RSI we respect and value your choices. We ensure you get what you expect from us. Our repainting services can be customized to your specific art collection and personal requirements. We have a wide collection of colors and designs for repainting services.

RSI Office Relocation Services Inc.
RSI Office Relocation Services Inc.

Re-laminating Work Surface

Usually, any damage to laminate worktops can be tricky to hide and costly to replace as well. But, RSI our team can easily re-laminate the cracks, stains, burns or scratches and make your work surface look as good as new.